Koperek - Pulse Amplifier & Amplitude Discriminator

Koperek - pulse amplifier & amplitude discriminator in CAMAC standard

CAMAC is a very popular standard in the polish nuclear laboratories. Unfortunately the POLON factory, which was the main producer of the subassemblies for CAMAC system has gone bankrupt. It makes a lot of difficulties with repairing existed blocks or buying the next copies.
So our firm has worked out an pulse amplifier & amplitude discriminator called KOPEREK-1, which replaces two POLON's blocks : amplifier 1101 and discriminator 1202.

KOPEREK-1 is the effect of compilation the achievements of the best world-famous nuclear electronic firms ( ORTEC, CANNBERA, etc. ) and the wide experience and requirements of the users from Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science University of Science and Technology in Cracow ( Poland ).

There was a big problem in POLON's blocks 1101 and 1202 with often verdigrised and dusted "isostat" switches contacts. In Koperek-1 we put into use the hermetic microrelays. Also the seldom used control elements we transfered on the back wall and on the inside of the block. On the frontal wall you can find only one rotary switch ( rough gain ) and three multiturn potentiometers: fine gain and discriminator thresholds. Now the students and visitors from the other laboratories can not put out of adjustment the device so easy... Koperek - pulse amplifier & amplitude discriminator in NIM standard

The modern integrated circuit substitute a lot of single transistors and resistors. Thanks to that the KOPEREK-1 is faster and more realiable, consumes less energy, gives less noise and costs less.

Pulse Amplifier & Amplifier Discriminator Koperek-1 is available in NIM standard too.

Here is more information about the Koperek.

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